Smooth, Soft, and Silky Hair with Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Posted on May 8, 2013 in Straghtening & Smoothing

Keratin Complex at Audacious SalonIf you’re looking for smoother, softer, and silkier hair, a Keratin Smoothing Treatment may be exactly what you need. It seems that everyone with frizzy or naturally curly hair (including Hollywood) is raving about Keratin Complex Smoothing treatments, and with good reason; it actually works and it’s surprisingly healthy!

Healthy for your hair!

It’s no surprise that a number of salon services can be damaging to your hair. That’s why it’s important to use the quality hair care products your stylist recommends. However, Keratin Smoothing Treatments are everything but damaging. Traditional straighteners work by changing the chemical bonds of your hair which is obviously not the healthiest thing to do. Keratin Smoothing Treatments, on the other hand, don’t change the chemical bonds of your hair at all. It works by conditioning the hair while infusing natural keratin deep into the cuticle of the hair shaft. This creates smoother, softer, and silkier hair.

Smoother, softer, straighter and silkier hair

When you’ve lived with frizzy, or naturally curly hair for years, you may have given up the hope of having smooth, soft, and silky hair. Don’t give up just yet though. You can have the hair you want and it can be done using an extremely healthy approach. A Keratin Smoothing Treatment can give you that soft, smooth, and silky hair.

What are some of the benefits of this treatment?

In short, your hair will be more manageable, easier to style, and will be resistant to humidity.  It will feel noticeably softer and silkier, with added life, shine and vibrancy. Treatments last up to five months and can be scheduled between other salon services or along with them.

If this is the type of hair you want please call to schedule a consultation with your stylist. If you are a new guest, we’ll have one of our extremely talented and educated stylists talk to you about what you can expect with a Keratin Smoothing Treatment for your hair. We’re excited to provide you with this healthy, long lasting, hair smoothing treatment!